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A Call for help.  Father Pedro ask

for URGENT Donation

February 26, 2015!

  Last night all night in torrential rain! Since two months we have rain almost every day! The land is already soaked with water, it cannot receive more!
Houses that were built by poor families with modest materials, fall one after the other! Tonight dozens of home in the Villages of Ampasika collapsed and others were flooded! There strong walls  have fallen too!   Only today we welcomed more than 500 victims who are sleeping in our classrooms of Akamasoa’s school! We will organize so that these families suffer the least possible! We need to provide rice for food, water for drinking and hygiene etc!   It's hard to believe that in our time of unprecedented progress for families so many children live in extreme poverty! It hurts the heart and it's just a shame for all those who have led the country since independence! They simply forgot their people, their own children!   We will have to work for a whole year to repair the effects of this disastrous flood! I am sure that solidarity will play in favor of all these families who for now lost almost everything! Since they have the breath of life again, they will come out with courage and the strength of their love for their children!   Father Pedro

On the other side of the world 

On a dump site
In the middle of nowhere
In the middle of the poorest

Is born a movement of an
International dimension

Join us… Be part of it

We save children
We save the future


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One Life, One Community, One Nation at a Time.

“ We Are The World

We Are The Children

We Are The Ones Who Make

A Brighter Day

So Let’s Start Giving “