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AKAMASOA HUMANITARIAN ASSOCIATION Recognized for Public Charity by government decree N ° 2004 - 164 of 03 February 2004

  REPORT 2017                                                                                                         December 20, 2017  
  • Dear benefactors,
  • 2017 is ending and it is our duty to inform you about the work done during this period.
  • I do not really want to talk about our daily life that don’t change really.
  • We wonder every year why this country cannot take off economically.
  • We must fight every day to keep our goal, to straighten those families forgotten for so long by their own State.
  • To change mentality and habits of people leaving for so long in the streets takes a long time.
  • When everything around you collapses by malfeasance and embezzlement, that civility crumbles, respect for people and environment disappear, when the strong imposes fear, when politicians don’t fulfill their promises and don’t care about their own people; then, so it's a shambles.
  • There is no more truth. This situation appears mainly in large Cities.
  • Thanks God, countryside keep ancestral wisdom, and it’s why we can talk about hope, because we can’t live without hope.
  • However, hope can’t survive only on well-crafted speeches and dream talks. Actions have to happen down the road
  • Our hope in Akamasoa is on our daily struggle and effort that’s showed by what we realized and what we do every year.
  • The Conference of Bishops of Madagascar published this year two pastoral letters denouncing corruption at the highest level, the inertia of officials in the Ministries and they even said that the truth is dead in this country and they call for the conversion of everyone, starting with the highest ranks and this, to the last citizen.
  • In Akamasoa, our reception center where we welcomed 30,000 people during this year is a thermometer to see the standard of living of the Malagasy population. We receive dozens of families every day, especially women, who come to us for help.
  • We find that the situation in general is very fragile and poverty is not diminishing.
  • Above all, we must be aware of what we have achieved this year 2017 with the help you have entrusted to us for the poorest.
  • Here are our achievements 2017:
  •  107 houses with 107 latrines and 107 showers
  • a school of 10 classrooms in Mahatsara
  • 66 community toilets in Mahatsara (School) and in Mangarivotra reception center
  • Renovation of a building for 10 rooms for girls students at the Akamasoa High School
  • Renovation of a building for nurseries in Mahatazana
-   Extension and Renovation of the Visitor Center in Mangarivotra
  •  Renovation of the Andralanitra basketball court: extension, fence, laying of parquet
  • construction 2 locker rooms with toilets.
  • Construction of a cemetery in Bemasoandro with a metal gate.
  • // Roads and walls:
  • Construction of a large retaining wall in Bemasoandro
  • Paving of a 300m x 5m lane in the village of Mahatsara.
  • Rehabilitation of a paved road in Bemasoandro and Mangarivotra.
// Rehabilitation:  
  • Coating of 50 houses of the Andralanitra
  • 180 m2 yard of the school in Andralanitra
  • 1300 m2 short of the school in Mahatsara
  • 290 m2 in Mahatsinjo.
  • Repair a thousand broken windows of schools.
  // Confections:  
  • Making 125 concrete poles of 9 meters and 12 meters, these poles were placed in Mahatsara, Mangarivotra, Manantenasoa, Bemasoandro. Mangarivotra with moving electric cables
  • Making molds for electric poles
  • Making 1500 tables, benches, 200 tables for masters and chairs, and 100 beds for the reception center.
  // Development:  
  • Metal fence of the mini football pitch in Tsaramasoandro
  • Installation of 2 sets of sneaker boards in Bemasoandro.
  // Water:
  • Installation of 3 solar pumping systems in Mahatsara and Antolojanahary.
  • Construction of a metal support for water tank of the sisters in Tsarafaritra
  // Electricity:
  • Realization of 60 new electrical connections of houses
  • Equipment of a Mahatsara computer room and rehabilitation of the local spirulina
  • Installation of solar panels to Mahambo,
  • Realization of a solar power station in the center of the brothers in Tsiroanomandidy, troubleshooting the solar installations of the college of Andranomadio.
// Formation :
  • // Training:
    • Training of 15 young people in electricity and metal work
    • Training of 10 young people in woodworking workshop
  • // Reforestation:
    • 11,000 trees planted in Antolojanahary.
    • Nursery with Seed of Life: 300,000 feet of trees ready to be planted in 2018
    • Production of 270 kg of spirulina.
      // Province:
    • A large retaining wall and step to protect the sister school in Vangaindrano.
    • Construction of a two-storey house in Ranomafana Fianarantsoa with solar installation.

    Here are our projects for 2018: Construction: 100 homes

    • Hostel for visitors to Akamasoa
    • a College in Andralanitra
    • Extension of the Hospital Medical Center in Manantenasoa + a laboratory
    • A meeting room in Andralanitra
    • Building sidewalks and gutters
    • Dozens of latrines.
      // Roads and walls:
    • Rebuilding paved roads 1km to Akamasoa
    • Retaining wall construction 200 meters to Lovasoa.
      / / Electricity:
    • Electrification of 50 houses in Akamasoa and 240 houses in Antolojanahary.
      // Manufacture:
    • 150 concrete poles for Akamasoa and replace the already dangerous wooden posts
    • Making 700 benches tables.
      / / Development:
    • Construction of new mini football field and basket ball in Mangarivotra
    • Mini-football pitches
    • 4 new garbage bins
    • Creation of 2 new markets in Manantenasoa and Mangarivotra
    • Bitumage of car parks and basketball courts
    • Gutters for water drainage
      / / Water:
    • 4 Water additions and construction of tanks.
      // Rehabilitation:
    • Coating and painting 100 dwellings of Akamasoa
    • repainting schools in Manantenasoa and Andralanitra.
      // Reforestation:
    • Plantation of 20,000 trees.
      // Meals:
    • Feed 7,000 primary school students and 350 old men throughout the year.
// Province:  
  • Rehabilitation of houses in Ranomafana, Andranodaro
  • Vangaindrano and Safata.


  • We are entering in the 29th year of the fight against poverty in Akamasoa and we are determined to reduce poverty as we did since our adventure started in 1989. The fruits of this effort will serve future generations.
  • This movement of solidarity, fraternity and sharing, will continue over the time with the strength and grace of God.
  • We will still have to face many difficulties, since we are still in a desert and we do not yet see on the horizon the greenery that will make us believe that we are coming out of this desert, which has already killed so many children and innocent people. We will continue to be an example for our youth and our children.
  • We know that hypocrisy and lies are the weapons of speculators and profiteers of all kinds, who only want to make more money in the shortest time possible. These people drive our humanity into the abyss.
  • Fortunately, there are young people and adults all over the world ready to give their lives to show that another way is possible, just and sober when we prioritize the human at the center of the economy, of the politics and the life.
  • For the moment most of the Malagasy population lives disappointed. People no longer believe in the future and are suspicious of everyone.
  • When trust between humans disappears, no progress is possible.
  • The frustration that has lasted for decades has created mistrust, which has increased the precariousness of the lives for a large part of the population.
  • Since no one cares about creating jobs, thousands of young people don’t have jobs, and are tempted by theft, easy living and other abuses, which has led soaring insecurity everywhere in the whole Nation.
  • Traveling at night anywhere has become very dangerous.
  • Who can restore the law, the justice and the confidence in the future?

  • It is never too late. If impunity is sanctioned and if we cling to the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • TRUTH will make us free. Even young children can understand this, why not adults with degrees Certificates hanged on the wall of their offices.
  • In this difficult situation, we begin the New Year decided to pursue our fight for the poorest. Your loyal generosity and trust make us very warm and encourage us not to give up, despite all the daily tragedies we have to face and resolve.
  • God Loves all humans and God wants to help us to become more generous with our brothers and sisters by sharing with those who live with so little and yet don’t lose courage to build a better future for their children.
  • That’s why we stay to help them to do so..
  • Thank you for continuing to support us in this struggle for justice and dignity.
  • Dear friends, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2018 Year full of courage!
  • Fraternally yours.
  • Fra Pedro Opeka

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