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Computer class at AKAMASOA From "Energie, Coopération, Développement Association" 's report... Since 2010 we have equipped IT training rooms several schools and colleges in Antananarivo.

All these rooms are properly used now. Akamasoa was able to motivate teachers and professors who today offer courses to their students and to the population. However, the equipment quickly became obsolete and maintenance operations, maintenance, troubleshooting were carried out with great difficulty, trainers with virtually no knowledge of this field.   In 2013, we decided on the occasion of a new training room for the college town of Andranalitra to train a team of 6 people who will be assigned after training to the maintenance of all computer equipment.   This training was provided by Eric Dubiel, member of EDC and computer maintenance teacher from high school St. Joseph of Bourg-en-Bresse in France. He was accompanied by four of his students.   Today IT is an integral part of high school students’ life at Akamasoa.   A new mission will be in October this year. Eric and 6 people will be at Akamasoa for: Install a new training room in a college at Mahatsara and one in Matsinjo’s college.   Health centers and pharmacy will also be equipped to allow the management of the distribution of medicines and spirulina produced at Akamasoa. Naturally 6 people at Akamasoa will assist at the maintenance involved in this work which will allow them to deepen their knowledge.

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