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Dear friends, Christmas and new year are approaching, and as our habit, we will send you these few words of kindness and gratitude for all the support that you have sent us in the course of the year that has just ended. This time again I take my pen with a troubled heart by the murderous acts, which took place on November 13, in which innocent 130 brothers and sisters were killed and 300 others injured and disabled for life. Against this evil, we remain voiceless. Silence is initially required, respect for these innocent victims who lost their lives, to meet a brother, coffee, have a drink on the terrace you hear to see a concert or a football game. But these barbaric acts of another time also to our surprise: we are defeated, we believe wisdom acquired and built a civilisation of respect for the lives of others, they can still held today. These crimes on November 13, that lets me speechless. In all the great religions, God is always designed as love, mercy and forgiveness of God of the creator of the universe and all beings people. How can we get the name of the love of God-committing such crimes to tear? In this Christmas holiday, us Christians, we celebrate  God incarnates in a small child, born in the greatest misery, born in the greatest humility and simplicity in Bethlehem. What is the message of God's love can be stronger than that we say people people are we all loved by the creator, that we all have a that divine spark that connects to the other create us and build in us brotherly, fairer and more United World? Brothers and sisters, even though it is difficult to forgive, in which we believe, in the name of God we must forgive our executioner evil they have done. But that doesn't mean that we have no right to defend ourselves and to do the utmost to ensure that such crimes will no longer be reached in any country of the world. Dear brothers and sisters, other attacks against human dignity are realized daily, in Africa and Madagascar, where innocent children die from hunger, lack of drinking water, everything is missing. Prior to this attack on the human dignity, the United Nations fight allegedly with structured programs, z. B. to reduce hunger by the year 2030. Are mounted folder when should instead get all media and all means of everyone, that we are all responsible for each child that dies of hunger, for every mother, even in rich countries died at birth of causes, say older people are treated die at the age of 60, exhausted indifference. Using the tools available to us, we should be more effective and enduring. We hope that the large global meeting in Paris at the beginning of the month of December 2015, the COP21 move can the hearts and minds of the people on Earth, so that we felt us all responsible for each other, all responsible, extreme poverty, especially in Africa and Madagascar, and all what, that we are invited to take part, with our financial resources, to defeat , equal to modestly, with whom to share, who are missionaries of the Christian churches and non-governmental organisations, to fight on the front lines to this extreme misery. Dear friends, do not under any pretext give, there may none of this excuses shirk child who dies of hunger. Also, the child of Jesus, who was born on this day of Christmas can call us this love without borders, this right for all and this brotherhood without borders. Her whole family and anything else that wants friends Merry Christmas! Happy new year 2016! And if we end the year wish you these beautiful holidays, it is because, despite the barbaric actions of 2015, hope, truth and love will win always on fanaticism and evil. Strength and courage! Father Pedro

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