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Good news for all football's fans of the Big Island and especially the fans of the Catalan club. It is now known that FC Barcelona wants to set up training centers and other facilities in the big island. Citing a press release, the daily Express of Madagascar explains that the idea is to create places where "football will not only be perceived as a mass sport to develop, but also as a school of life For the young ". Behind this initiative is FC Barcelona, ​​but also the DG of the Filatex Group, Hasnaine Yavarhoussen, who is also Honorary Consul of Spain in Madagascar. Lastly, he was traveling in Catalonia to receive a prize of Solidarity (Father Pedro was also present at the gala dinner). During this event, he discussed with the officials of FC Barcelona about the project of training center in Madagascar, which will be a collaboration between the Malagasy group and the Catalan club, as reported by the Malagasy daily. Hopefully the project will succeed ...

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