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Despite the cyclones and bad weather, the 41 tons of food arrived in Akamasoa. 14,000 children will be fed. We must now think about the future and already collect funds for future expeditions. We hope that the smile of the 170 women who unloaded the containers will convince you for your future generosity. Just a word from Father Pedro after the arrival of this food;

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  Dear Patrick!
  • Today January 26 was a day of great happiness for the people of Akamasoa since arrived the 3 containers of pasta, spaghetti, semolina and tomato sauce.
  • Everything was unloaded in our depots by brave women in just 4 hours!
  • There were more precisely 175 women and some men for this large unloading, all by hand.
  • Everything happened in a great joy and a fraternal atmosphere, since these moms knew that this food was for their children.
  • We thank the Donors for this food so important to our people and who helps us enormously in these difficult times.
  • The semolina is unknown here but I think it will be a great success with couscous.
  • The tomato sauce, which is also very popular with pasta made in the canteen and will give them a more attractive flavor.
  • WE THANK YOU so much PANZANI Company for all this food aid. A gift that will help us to work more!
  • ..........................................................
  • ...........................
  • At this very moment, in Davos, meet the richest countries of our Earth.
  • As for you, you have shared this given food that will last for some short, time and will give children new strengths to study better at school.
  • THANK YOU for this sense of sharing, fraternity and solidarity in action!
  • God, Father of all Humans, bless you and protect you!
  • On behalf of all the children of Akamasoa, receive our warmest thanks!
  • Father Pedro

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