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We would like to share with you this message

that we received from Father Pedro today

  "" Dear friends of Akamasoa!   I was received in private audience by Madame Brigitte Macron at the Palais de l'Elysée, with great respect and I have seen that La Première Dame de France is a person with a great humanitarian vision, very attentive, cordial, Dynamic and with great human energy.   The hearing lasted an hour and 15 minutes.   I talked about Akamasoa 's work to fight extreme poverty and all the efforts we have been making for the past 28 years for the poorest people.   She told me that she had already heard about our Work and our struggle for the poorest in Madagascar.   Immediately Madame Brigitte Macron expressed a great enthusiasm to make known more our Work and our fight for the most disadvantaged and especially for the children who are forgotten, not schooled and with the hunger in the belly.     She promised to do her utmost to help us as much as possible so that thousands of families in a landfill and the street we are dealing with can be brought out of the poverty hole.   This visit was not in my planes. Divine Providence has its reasons for this meeting to be realized unexpectedly and unexpectedly.   I return to Madagascar after 6 weeks of touring, visiting and making testimonies in many cities of France, Belgium and Germany.   I return with hope and great conviction that the poor have found an ally of confidence in their struggle for dignity in the person of Mrs. Brigitte Macron.   There are encounters that enchant and embellish Humanity, this one was one of her, that I just lived on July 4, 2017 by its solidarity and fraternal content of mutual aid.   Love and hope never die!   Father Pedro ""

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