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On Sunday July 16, we were able to receive all nine containers.

On Friday afternoon, we received 1 Container,

On Saturday 5 Containers and

this Sunday 3 containers.

A human chain has unloaded 160 tons of pasta that the Panzani Factory gave us in France.

There was an incredible joy when the Containers arrived.

 It was fabulous to see the happiness and union of the people who

Unloaded in order with a great discipline all this food.

 If our donors had seen this joy and how everyone took care of their Gift, they would be so happy to see how people appreciated this Gift that was so urgently needed to their own survival.


This Gift is so valuable for our children and their families.

With all our heart in the name of all our children and the People of Akamasoa, THANK YOU,

Thanks to everyone that participated directly or indirectly to this holy action and made possible for us to receive it in Akamasoa!

Very fraternally!

 Father Pedro

On the other side of the world 

On a dump site
In the middle of nowhere
In the middle of the poorest

Is born a movement of an
International dimension

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We save children
We save the future


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One Life, One Community, One Nation at a Time.

“ We Are The World

We Are The Children

We Are The Ones Who Make

A Brighter Day

So Let’s Start Giving “