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We received an unexpected help from the company PANZANI, 160 tons of food.

We must transport it urgently from France to Madagascar.

The victims of the cyclone ENAWO, our 14,000 children and our 25,000 inhabitants of our 22 villages

are waiting for this food in emergency.

Let each of you participate now.

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MESSAGE OF FATHER Pedro Opeka   We celebrated the Great return of Jesus to Jerusalem 2000 years ago in a great joy and popular fervor. The photographs talks for themselves for this atmosphere of prayer and fraternity feeling that prevailed among the 9,000 Malagasy brothers and sisters and many other people coming from so many countries who gathered there this Sunday, the Lord's Day. Continue reading
AGAIN Another Good News We were able to coordinate another action this last Sunday. between a Generous Private Donor from Reunion Island, the Airline CORSAIR, Association “Les amis du Père Pedro” (Yves François) Reunion Island, Madagascar Association and Madagascar Foundation for the Supply and air fret of 5 Tons of rice to Antananarivo’s airport (Madagascar) delivered to Association AKAMASOA of Father Pedro this morning 03/04/17. Continue reading
Good news Father Pedro has inspired all of us We coordinate an action between the Humanitarian Organization AEROPARTAGE depending of CORSAIR (the airline), Leclerc Supermarket (Reunion Island), "Friends of Father Pedro" (Yves François) of Reunion Island, Madagascar Association and Madagascar Foundation of course with the Civile Aviation Organization of Madagascar (Mr. Redia Aubry General Secretary) for the transport of 5 tons of food by air cargo on the Corsair flight of Sunday, March 26, Saint Denis - Antananarivo Madagascar.

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The visit of Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State in the Vatican created a bliss in the village of Akamasoa. "I came to share with them the joy and bring the presence and affection of Pope Francis. You know that Pope Francis is very close to the poor, he is a great defender of the poor. I think they would feel very comfortable with those people. So it is a little to represent the figure and the word of the Pope, "he explains, talking about the purpose of his visit to Father Pedro Opeka and his protégés. Oasis of Hope He especially thanked this Argentinean priest who spent nearly 47 years of his life fighting poverty in Madagascar. "In the name of Pope Francis, we especially thank Father Pedro and all those people who embark on social projects," says Cardinal Pietro Parolin in his speech. For 28 years, Father Pedro Opeka has tried to withdraw thousands of families from poverty in Antananarivo, creating Akamasoa. Currently, Akamasoa has 26,000 residents, 13,500 pupils, high school pupils and university students. 30 000 people a year also go to benefit from the nutritional and sanitary assistance. The association has a hundred beneficiaries who have successfully completed their studies. Continue reading

On the other side of the world 

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In the middle of the poorest

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