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Murder of Miss Honorine RASOAMANANA

It is with great sorrow in my heart that I must announce the death of Miss Honorine RASOAMANALNA, Vice President of Akamasoa. She was found dead Sunday morning at 6 am in a canal, a few meters from her house. Many head injuries show that she was killed in a horrible way, and her body is now in the hospital for an autopsy. We are appalled at this horrible and obnoxious act. Mlle Honorine b

 Miss Honorine

I want to bear witness to Miss Honorine RASOAMANALNA who worked with us at Akamasoa for the last 24 years, since the first day she was dedicated to care of the poor. She was taking care of the incoming families coming from the street at the office at the city of Mangarivotra, this is where she started. There, I saw how she was sensitive to the pain of others. It's the reason why she was called to join the Akamasoa office at a later date. She joint the small group of people who gave their all life to serve their brothers and sisters. Thus she became a person of great trust. It was tasked to manage all work of Akamasoa within the whole Madagascar: in the Fianarantsoa region and Safata region, firstly, where she was responsible for the construction of thirty public schools. In the southern region then in the City of Vangaindrano, City of Matanga, City of Ampitafa where after cyclone "Geralda" she would lead and supervise the work of Akamasoa's  teams to build again twenty public schools damaged by the cyclone. A Antolojanahary, avec une famille de paysans

At the City of  Antolojanahary with a peasant family

She has also worked extensively with farmers, and did a lot for the development of the country side and reforestation. This country she loved, Madagascar, with all those flowers and diversified plants she loved too.  She was collecting the seeds and then plants them in her home or in the villages of Akamasoa, revealing there a real soul for beauty.
Veillant à la qualité des semences d’arbres

Controlling and supervising the growth of her seeds

She was a person of exceptional courage, of authenticity and very clear minded. What she thought, she did. She never spoke of things she was not convinced, but rather, she was always ready to defend her faith and her convictions, never hesitating to tell the truth, denouncing everything she saw unfair or dishonest. Several times she face with courage  politics, police and town hall representatives, questioning them and calling them to be more honest in their work and to help really Malagasy farmers to stand up and front difficult situations. For 2 years she had contracted typhoid fever, a disease that caused her much harm. But with courage and rage to help her people, she was able to defeat this disease. Barely healed, she was already back to share our daily work. Miss Honorine was a hero of his country, unrecognized by media and official authorities, but working with a lot of self-denial and sacrifice for her people.

Avec ses amies et compagnons de travail

With her friend workers

What makes us sick, that she fell like a cedar facing the wickedness of man, her life was cruelly stopped by murder coldly perpetrated by unknown criminals, just meters from the house where she lived. The same morning she had attended the General Assembly of Akamasoa, seeing himself re-elected vice president cheers strength and hands raised. This demonstrates once again that she was very appreciated by all her fellow employees and struggle. This is why our grief is great today, especially as her death came as an unexpected and brutal way. She was in so much for her country and her countrymen. She was in so much for truth and justice. He is dead, just like all the fighters who give their lives for the love of their country and their people. I have always said to Political people that Miss Honorine could have been minister to serve her country, so its capabilities were astonishing.

Saluant la Première Dame de Madagascar, en visite à la Cité Akamasoa d’Andralanitra

Welcoming the First Lady of Madagascar visits the City of Akamasoa Andralanitra

On a personal level, she was animated by a deep faith, a faith that was at the same time and above all action. Prayer, faith and work for her were one of the same. She was of an exemplary dynamism and where she worked it was always an opportunity and a grace of God, always at work or encouraging others to work. She was able to perceive right away the need of a person who suffers. She had a sense of strong common, and took many initiatives to improve the daily lives of the poor, whether in the countryside or in the city. Despite the suffering and misunderstandings sometimes she suffered, she also had the ability to absorb and retain a radiant and happy face, although suffering in the depths of herself. And in this sense today if we all met, we are also more than ever determined to continue our struggle for justice and truth.


No feeling of revenge inspires us, but we hope that the State and the relevant departments of Justice and Police take responsibility and do turn their utmost to stop these murderers who by their horrible and heinous crime, ended the life of one of the most beautiful souls of Madagascar. These killers do not have the right to continue to do evil, they must be persecuted and placed under arrest, so they do not attempt against another innocent life in this country. Miss Honorine was and will remain an example for the youth of Akamasoa. An example in all areas: in human terms, of self-giving for the common good. As an example of honesty and courage. A further example of a person who prays and has total confidence in God. An example Finally, in everything she undertook, for her energy and reason to be to do good for her countrymen to raise the poverty that had slaughtered them for decades. This fight was her reason for living. The fight for people to stand up and for Malagasy children to have a better future. The human and spiritual values ​​for which she lived and gave her life are unforgettable and will remain as a living example for all young Akamasoa.

A Antolojanahary

At Antolojanahary

Today we cry a friend, a sister, a heroine of Madagascar. Hope that dwelt Miss Honorine is on us today. She is alive and will continue to help us to continue our struggle, since the kingdom of justice and love to which it now belongs. Akamasoa has a great loss today with one of this great women who has made the history of our Association, our Country, the History of the fight against poverty we lead. Darkness invaded us this Sunday morning, but the power of love and faith have dissipated, the same love and the same faith which we show for 27 years in our movement of solidarity against poverty and extreme poverty . To all people of good will around the world, we can say that we have all lost a great friend and a great person to help us to remain standing despite the violence, injustice and hatred that exist across all countries the world, and who every day are so many innocent victims, as Miss Honorine today.

Avec Mlle Bao

 With Miss Bao

We join hands in this pain, knowing that nothing in this world, no harm, no drama, no murder could conquer our love on which we believe on and for which we live for. Thank to Miss Honorine's family to have giving us this great fighter for the truth. Miss Honorine, on behalf of all the people of Akamasoa, of all the children that you loved, all young you trained and for the living example you gave them, and on behalf of all your fellow Akamasoa we tell you that you will always remain in our heart, our soul and our memory.

Rest in peace

In union of prayer

father Pedro


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