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Recognized public utility by Decree of the Government No. 2004-164 of February 03, 2004

  Dear friends!   It is never easy to give an annual report to you who we trust and we help to continue the work of AKAMASOA for thousands of families and children malagasy. We are not isolated; We suffer all the consequences of the irresponsibility of those who run the country. Nevertheless, we annually, tell the truth as we see it from the lowest level, there where to live thousands of people forgotten by their rulers and abandoned to their own fate. For he who has eyes and a bit of spirit and humanity, this withdrawal takes scandalous proportions. It is also an opportunity for us to locate and seek the real solutions to the ills that cause injustice and despair among citizens, and, more generally, what makes that the country does not start as people would like, to finally take off from poverty to a fairer life, a more humane world which would give the desire to surpass and prepare a better future for children who have been in the world.   If we look back to the year 2015, and to AKAMASOA only, we see that we continue to move forward. Our educational and health buildings being high by several floors, each year new construction give the appearance of a city in what was once a small hamlet. But we must constantly strengthen mutual assistance, what is called Madagascar le Fihavanana, mutual assistance of all neighbours, villagers, this value today very attacked by the easy life of the capital by the individualistic beggar mentality and indifference to the common good, real diseases that plague all layers of society. If AKAMASOA we have re-emerge, we raise and stand us, it is through this mutual aid, friendship and solidarity, through this community spirit that we have sown early in our work 26 years ago. Among the leaders of this loss of ancestral values, some artists and singers of today who demobilized youth. Any climate that produced a defection in the asam-pokonolona (good work): must be threatening people not to receive benefits of the community, when once one came by belief and love of his village and his homeland. And climb the social ladder, more recklessness grows. The ancestral fabric and the millennial culture that formed a people, welded a tribe, dissolve. Already parents dare not give advice to their children; educators elected officials remain silent over the social degradation of their municipality. Nobody dares to speak out to defend the public good, the community, the good of everything everyone.   This fear to engage, to denounce, to tell the truth, is a fact. The question is: who will dare to raise their voices? The question and expected. And in the meantime things degrade continuously. One sees everywhere dirt and garbage that packed; clogged gutters that person leads; eateries popping up everywhere, without permission, and selling, even if the person who sells is suffering from tuberculosis; grocers who do not hesitate to break the pavement to make a staircase people rise faster at home, and too bad for the broken sidewalk. This means that the individual thinks in its law, without any duty to the community. With no clear objectives, municipal officials do not display what they want to do their city, what city they want to create, what values of society they want to promote. Commons argue groping, without direction. People do not know where to go.   It is time for this to stop. It is time that officials of the State, from the lowest level, start with their advisors, to clarify the path and require a minimum of citizen behaviour, a minimum of respect for the public good. It is necessary that these individual voices, seeking that they are well, countered publicly, be even denounced before the law. But for this it will take a lot of courage on the part of citizens who love their country, their village. And he will have to help these people to dare more, because they are more numerous than one think, but often small, speechless, they do not dare show and publicly denounce the abuses of a few thieves, a few people without scruples and moods that take advantage of features they are raised under pretext of serving and which in fact exploit their own people.   But since everything is not quite negative - the evidence, is that families, parents, young people, children, struggle, want to live with an ideal and respect the truth, which is the basis of their commitment-, we now want to inform you on the work done for the greater good of this country the most humble social layer.     Achievements 2015: Buildings: 103 housing in Antananarivo - Extension of the Centre d'accueil - 29 houses in Ampasika - 1 meeting room, 10 toilets and showers, 1 water tank at the sports complex of Bemasoandro - 1 office of Director and a room of professors at the college of jarred - 1 small market jarred - 2 tanks of water at Antolojanahary - 100 latrines - 1 tray for waste sorting. Roads: constructions of roads paved (with gutters): 300 m/l at Bemasoandro, 300 m/l at Mangarivotra, 400 m/l to Mahatsara - paving: Court of the Lycée Magpayo (467 m2), 2 land for Andralanitra, road Bemasoandro, basketball courts and volleyball at Bemasoandro, Antaninarenina road (455 m2), parking Church Magpayo (73 m2); Planning: closing ESP Bloodsucker - wall support Mangarivotra and rise of Bemasoandro; Rehabilitation: coated 66 housing in Antananarivo - kitchen of the Welcome Centre - School of Antolojanahary; Reforestation: 15,000 trees planted at Antolojanahary; Packaging: 550 desks for schools - 100 beds for the Welcome Centre - Home: 44.177 people passed through our Centre (or 6,000 more than in 2014).     Projects and forecasts to 2016: Construction: 100 homes at Andralanitra, Mahatsara Magpayo Ambohimalaza - 2 primary schools: Mahatsara and Andralanitra - 2 maternity: Morondava and Magpayo - 100 latrines and showers to Ambaniala, Ankadiefajoro and Tsaramasoandro - mini playgrounds football and basketball for the youth in Tsaramasoandro, Cité Akamasoa, Magpayo, Joyce 5 community wash facilities - and 5 bins garbage Joyce, Mahatazana, Bemasoandro - 1 high school in the centre of the country and 1 Ampitafa - finish College : School Mahatazana primary school, Colleges Mahatsinjo and Andralanitra - home to Ranomafana and office of the directors room of professors at jarred - roads and walls: paved road of 1000 m - tarring to Bemasoandro, Andralanitra - several Simphiwe Mahatazana retaining walls - water: concreting of a watercourse to Conor - supply water and standpipes for Conor, Bemasoandro, Mangarivotra, Mahatsara and Antolojanahary - reforestation: planting 20,000 trees Antolojanahary and Ambohimalaza - 4 64 m3 water tanks - Electrification of the villages of Antaninarenina , Ambaniala and Magpayo-- manufacture of 1,000 tables benches for our schools - schools Andralanitra and Mahatsara Mahatsinjo paint - coated 150 houses of Andralanitra, Ambaniala, Mahatsara - enlargement of the home of Mangarivotra centre: home to floor + 20 latrines and showers for the newcomers.   We tackle the new year with a new fighting spirit, to correct the shortcomings to the given word and restore confidence to AKAMASOA we created, and that stronger that funding that we receive is the engine of our development and our progress. We will continue to promote the creativity of our young people, so that everyone, where he lives, being agent of its own future. We are aware of the enormous wealth that enclose these almost 13,000 children in AKAMASOA education. But this wealth grows, it must be directed intelligently, so that the mind is externalized, sharing and deploys his inventiveness in the culture, in art, as in human relationships, know-how and savoir-vivre. There is the role of our educators. We also face climate of gloom and pessimism that would invade even our families; combat diseases that infect the poor villages; Re-establish a sense of citizenship, whose lack is crying in fields as various as traffic - accidents are reported daily by newspapers - or community work (asam-pokonolona). In the latter case, it must restore the partnership and the mutual need of people reprimanding flights, tricks, anything is likely to break the agreement and the link. The partnership, at the highest and lowest level, must be based on mutual respect, truth, honesty; It is just as might be expected a rapid development of the company and all low areas. It must also make a greater effort with regard to social protection, those women with many children, the elderly and the disabled who, today, are totally non-existent. Without any social protection, it is impossible to create a just society that respects itself and wants to advance.   Time bombs convent in several areas: thousands of young graduates were not working. the constant increase in flights robbery by organized gangs: young people have more objective in their lives and do not hesitate to steal and kill their countrymen, what was unimaginable just 40 years ago. The State, its police, its gendarmerie, with the help of the Fokonolona, must work to create social peace, so that we can breathe and live normally. Social instability has become an obstacle to the arrival of outside investors. Low areas and many villages lack drinking water, light and visibility, which helps criminals to crack down; farmers lack of support: since independence, they are fighting only against winds and tides in order to exist only and sell a little of their production, they themselves need to survive. They represent yet more than 70% of the active population. Massive aid should be granted to them.   The communal elections of last year give a new hope. Be divine and ancestral wisdom illuminate the newly elected so finally they undertake alongside their citizens and show a real will to change old attitudes of profiteers, constructing objectives that serve the public good. Let people know that we take care of them and we advance really. They see concrete achievements.   We would like to give the example AKAMASOA that all public work must be done by the path as short and as quickly as possible, because the poor are tired of waiting, they need to see works that are for their benefit. It is for this that at least to AKAMASOA, we will fight all administrative and unnecessary formalities that slow down the development and progress. Because the goal is still out of extreme poverty, and not to create new folders that pile up in archives that are worthless, fill drawers and are finally only promises cemeteries. We are going to begin 2016 with great expectancy, forces, joy and optimism, because we believe that it is only as we will fight poverty trying annually to overwhelm us in letting it go and the hell of mismanagement and of everyone for himself. It is only together, as the movement of Action and solidarity, with concrete work who immediately, we will raise the population, make him self-confidence, give him the courage and the desire to sacrifice for her own children, for his family and his homeland.   Thanks to all of you who join us for 26 years, and that this oasis of hope that we have created from scratch with young Malagasy, can continue to exist and to shout justice is possible, that a more fraternal world is possible, and that peace, is also possible. Thank you for staying with us in this fight local and universal.   Merry Christmas and happy new year 2016!   Father Pedro

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