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We celebrated homecoming after three weeks of absence! ................. This is the first time that an American University, specifically to NEW YORK gives us a price! ........... Akamasoa people have wanted to celebrate as it was! The message of father Pedro Dear friends This Sunday was a special day, Akamasoa! We celebrated the reunion after 3 weeks of absence! What beautiful mass, what joy it atmosphere that it heat Human! The Church was not full so long! There were also a lot of "bharani" of guests! It is the first time that a University in the USA, more precisely one of NEW YORK gives us a price! The people of Akamasoa wanted the celebrated as it should! With me, the father Ignace has concelebrated a Belgian priest! A tourist at the end of the mass was told: "I have never cried in ' a mass, today this has happened to me here and I will forget never this mass"! God also speaks to our brothers and sisters tourists through the children and all poor families! Indescribable joy we have experienced today! A price done us an examination of conscience, is what we are enough patience for the poorest, we always love to listen to a poor and that we help them really? We must consider all the time, for not us to sleep on our laurels! I embrace you strongly! P. Pedro NB! Photos of this Sunday with the people of God: https://www.Flickr.com/photos/madagascaramericafoundation/albums/72157660229006657

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