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Antanarivo under water

Urgent request for financial assistance

to disaster in Madagascar

Now you will be able to show us if the work of Father Pedro to Akamasoa is really close to your heart

because it is in danger as the entire population of the Capital

We apologize for the translations of the articles but we are in a hurry !!

  Disasters in Antananarivo, almost the entire city is under water Friday, February 27, 2015 by Leah Ratsiazo
Motion fight down in the capital yesterday, 26 February. The whole city of Antananarivo and its surroundings are flood alert since the beginning of the week. And what we feared happened. Flood warning coasts of all the rivers that run through the city reach their hazard warning levels in recent hours. The capital and its surroundings are almost under water since. The city center, including the slums and the surrounding communities are affected by this unparalleled catastrophe: Antananarivo Renivohitra, Masindray, Ambohimanambola, Alasora, Ankaraobato, Tanjombato, Soavina, Anosizato-Andrefana, Andranonahoatra, Bemasoandro, Ambohidrapeto, Ankadimanga, Ampitatafika, Fenoarivo, Itaosy, Ambohitrimanjaka, Antehiroka, Talatamaty, Sabotsy Namehana and Ankadikely Ilafy up Behenjy. Dams and dikes give way everywhere, Tanjombato, Belanitra Ilafy, Tsiazopaniry, Soavina ... The Sisaony River overflowed its banks, and Mamba Ikopa threatening. All the plain of Antananarivo risk of being flooded in the short term with all that implies in terms of loss of rice production. The collapses of houses is increasing. Nothing aside Ambatofotsy Atsimondrano, 20 houses collapsed in the night of February 25, when the dam Tsiazompaniry sold. A house collapsed in the upper town, people are still under the rubble. Jirama warns that the supply of water and electricity is not fully ensured due to the weather. The dam was damaged Andekaleka according Jirama that will do everything to repair as soon as possible. Evacuation operations of populations in areas where water has taken up all the space, started since the night of February 25 and continue until now. The Ministry of Education has ordered the closure of all schools in the region to Analamanga the day today February 27th. Covered gyms, and sites such as ANS Ampefiloha were requisitioned to house disaster victims, according to the decision of the PDS Antananarivo Ny Hasina Andriamanjato. Same for many public schools. The disarray Members of Atsimondrano John Randriamalala and that of Anananarivo IV Rossy appeal to all people of goodwill to help the victims by providing tents or shelters for victims. Rossy asked the Executive to declare the "country in a state of national disaster" and activates all the mechanisms of solidarity with friendly countries, including France because the French army at the Meeting has everything we lack bike pumps , tents and emergency kit for the victims, he proposes. The members of the government and the Chief of Staff of the Armed crisscross the city to see the damage and coordinate relief operations. The number of victims is increasing, just for Soavina, 1600 people have been forced from their homes, and the first assessment of BNGRC (national office risk management and disasters) reported 8800 victims. As the judgment of the rain is not expected according to the weather service, it is expected to tens of thousands of victims within hours or days. Many insist stay home for fear of not finding shelter and sustenance. For not only must the shelter but we also feed them because most of those affected live odd jobs and had to leave the few possessions they have in their homes now under water. Already the victims of the cyclone Chedza are still in tents, now the flood victims join them. The authorities call on the vigilance of the entire population because of water rising threats and landslides. The population and local authorities are urged to closely monitor water levels in areas at risk and prevent relief agencies in the event of evacuation of people need.

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