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17 April 2017 EASTER 2017 IN AKAMASOA We have just lived and celebrated a special Easter. So joyful that we could touch the living Christ in the midst of all of us. This Easter 2017 will be unforgettable since we had for the first time brothers and sisters of 5 Continents of our Earth who were present in our Eucharist on this Easter Day. They came from more than 30 different nationalities. 20170414_184733 A An extraordinary Easter celebration witch has given us more strength and joy to continue to fight against the extreme poverty and for the dignity of every forgotten child and every excluded family. All of us are saved, all of us should have a more dignified and normal life. But we are still far from this ideal. We must continue to fight for this world of justice, solidarity and sharing. At Akamasoa these words are not words, they are actions and visible, you can touch this concrete reality. Father Pedro

On the other side of the world 

On a dump site
In the middle of nowhere
In the middle of the poorest

Is born a movement of an
International dimension

Join us… Be part of it

We save children
We save the future


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One Life, One Community, One Nation at a Time.

“ We Are The World

We Are The Children

We Are The Ones Who Make

A Brighter Day

So Let’s Start Giving “