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Dear friends, I was very touched by all your  friendly, brotherly and deep words. You have understood so well the beauty of Miss Honorine soul. All your messages have touch my heart so deeply as all my teammates and people of Akamasoa. I would like to reiterate to everyone especially my gratitude for that presence beside us in this dramatic moment, through these wishes that come from your hearts. In such a moment, we fight with our self to keep alive our human and spiritual values ​​for which we are fighting for the last 46 years in Madagascar. And if we can stand up, thanks to the spiritual strength we take in the word of God that we receive every day, but also the smiles of thousands of children who have only one desire: to live and have a future. And with your encouragement also, it gives us the strength to know that we are not alone, that we are supported by your prayers and your friendship. I apologize for not being able to respond to each one individually, what I would like do, but my time does not allow it. Tomorrow evening I leave for a long tour in France and Monaco, and I’m sure we will see some of you personally in one of these conferences I will attend to. On behalf of all the people of Akamasoa, please receive our most fraternal thanks. father Pedro

On the other side of the world 

On a dump site
In the middle of nowhere
In the middle of the poorest

Is born a movement of an
International dimension

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We save children
We save the future


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One Life, One Community, One Nation at a Time.

“ We Are The World

We Are The Children

We Are The Ones Who Make

A Brighter Day

So Let’s Start Giving “