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9 March 2017


    The Cyclone entered the night of March 7 in the island by the northeast and then crossed from north to south all Madagascar. The most affected area is SAVA, as the cyclone entering with all its fury on land by Antalaha and Maroantsetra, wind gusts were around 300 km / hour. Then gusts of wind at 200 km and in the high plateau the gusts decreased to 80 km / hour. The SAVA Region has been destroyed, 80% of the time. For the Region of Antananarivo a lot of rain and this has created landslides and the destruction of already very fragile and precarious houses in the low districts of Antananarivo. Thousands of affected families have taken refuge in schools and large sports halls, but there was absolutely nothing to help them, empty places. All took the personal belongings they had been able to save. This means that nothing is plan for such catastrophes, we just give a safer place to sleep and that is all. Drinking water and sanitation are a major drawback for disaster victims in all these reception areas. We are still gravely lacking in the most elementary sense in the forecasts of natural disasters and nothing is plan to help the most fragile and the poorest of our country! For now, it is necessary to wait for the information that will go up to the Capital to know more about the overall damage on the Island caused by the Cyclone Enawo. We must know that Madagascar is currently in an inextricable situation without the Cyclones. However, when the real cyclones arrives on the island, then the situation becomes dramatic. At our village Akamasoa we had quite a lot of damage, retaining wall walls that collapsed, damaged house roofs, latrines and showers that collapsed, so many electric poles fell to the ground and are also dangerous especially for children who can be electrocuted. Many of the families in Akamasoa live on what they earn every day. This is why women have gone to work today in the quarry even in the rain. We must see the courage of these women; we cannot remain indifferent and insensitive. I was deeply touch this morning by seeing the courage of her mothers of families. When I told them to go home they said, "What are we going to feed our children?" ". Helping such mothers is an act of compassion and natural justice. Unfortunately, we need a cyclone like Enawo, which causes death, massive and dramatic destruction so that international opinion eventually takes care of Madagascar and its people full of joie de vivre. This population stagnates in a poverty, which urges us to insurgence against the selfishness and the injustices done to the poorest of the poor. Out of love and compassion, let us help especially the children who are so numerous in this precious island of Madagascar. I wholeheartedly hope that this call, to help the victims of cyclone Enawo, will create immediate donations in France and elsewhere by those who are generous and sensitive to the distress of others. As human and then as a believer we cannot remain indifferent, therefore I join with all people of good will to affirm any call to help those who reach out to us to be helped and who Live in inhumane situations. We cannot stand idly by when our brothers suffer and lack everything, a roof, drinking water, rice, blankets, clothes and medicines. However, the most practical, quick and direct way to help is to send financial aid, since sending aid per container will arrive very late with all the troubles that the custom creates for anything imported. It is great to see faith and fraternity translated into action! May the Lord bless all those who will adhere and all those brothers and sisters who will help their neighbors! Long live fellowship and long live the sharing! Father Pedro.

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