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“Madagascar Foundation” is the Public Charity Foundation to encourage donations in North, Central, South America and the World to provide emergency assistance to more people in distress, to welcome more people in new homes and villages, to bring education to more children and to reach new territories that have been forgotten for the past years in Madagascar  island some time considered as the "eighth continent".

“Madagascar Foundation” support Father Pedro’s Association “Akamasoa” whose name means 'Good Friends' and to be precise in translation “Reliable and Sincere Friends”. Its purpose is to restore human dignity to the poorest, from the street and the rubbish dumps.

Public Charity that Feed the Hungry 5,000,000 meals served every year

In 25 years, the Association has provided emergency assistance to more than 500,000 people in distress. We welcome 40,000, including 14,000 school children in 18 villages we have created. It has built more than 4,000 homes in brick, over 272 classrooms in new schools, clinics, stadiums in all villages ... and provides a salary to more than 4,000 people (granite quarries, brick making, paving squares, streets and roads, masonry, carpentry, roofing, structural steel, mechanical, canteens, floral, cleaning, crafts, etc. ) on multiple sites in Madagascar.

Your grant for The least of your brother children need you…. We need you…Now!

On the other side of the world 

On a dump site
In the middle of nowhere
In the middle of the poorest

Is born a movement of an
International dimension

Join us… Be part of it

We save children
We save the future


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One Life, One Community, One Nation at a Time.

“ We Are The World

We Are The Children

We Are The Ones Who Make

A Brighter Day

So Let’s Start Giving “