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Father Pedro, this man, this priest, this Argentine missionary who is in Madagascar for over 40 years has become the symbol of resistance to poverty. He knew not to accept poverty as "hopeless", yes he thought contend "implacable" His method is very simple, we , Christians, believe in Jesus who taught us the value of: -             Goodness -             Belief in God -             The charity -             Forgiveness -             Mutual aid -             The sharing And so many other things pertaining to humanity and humanism Just imitate Jesus in our everyday actions. But in the method of Fra. Pedro we see the realism because it's Utopian to want to help those who don't help themselves, those who don't want to get out of their condition or those who destroy rather than build. His method also included the active participation of all Communities of the Country. Assistance among fellow citizen, neighbors, brothers and sisters, help parents and neighbors is this union which emerges Father Pedro, this union has allowed the realization during the past 27 years: Today, after 27 years of fighting, the AKAMASOA association Father Pedro has helped  500,000 Malagasy. 3000 houses were built, and 25 000 people live in our 22 villages. Each village has schools, clinics and workplaces for adult life, masonry, carpentry, agriculture, crafts. 12 162 children attend our schools.   We are proud of the achievements, but we also know that we can not rest on those achievements. The fight is daily, it concerns the problems of each of our villages, the poor people who continue to come seeking help of AKAMASOA. Our Welcome Centre has accounted more than 38.000 people in 2014, having received a temporary emergency aid: food, clothes, blankets, soap… But here we are giving education, health and work. Everyone is involved in the survival and life for everyone and future for all. All this is the result of this REVOLTE that Father Pedro had in 1989 in the face of this extreme poverty and still has today.   We are "Madagascar Foundation" Public Charity registered in USA we have a Federal certification and are recognized by the IRS. We fight for Father Pedro and all Malagasy people forgotten by the rest of the world. We would remind that the word "Catholic" means "universal" and that is the universality of the World in which we call to support us financially. Father Pedro is used to say: “IT is so easy to give when you have” Every one  of you can remember this phrase, each one of you can effort to send every month a small percentage of what they earn to support this multitude. And, of course, you shall do it “if you have”, if you don’t have you cannot do it. These children, we are sorry to remind you, eat every day and not just once when you send money to relieve your conscience. Here we speak of a "duty" for every human being, Not a prayer not a requirement. The only "thank you" you will receive it will be the smile that children have on their face.  


  For years we receive volunteers’ request but Father Pedro prefers Malagasy volunteers, it is for them to feel concern and help their own brothers and sisters.   We accept Volunteers to create small or large communities to organize events that could bring money for what we do in Madagascar. That is the true volunteer, no trips to the dream islands but a real investment where they are. Again no specific thanks, just the satisfaction of "doing well" for a "just cause" and expect only that children's smile that will always amazes us and thanks us for what we do. I have to tell you also that we have experience something the last few weeks when we sent communications by email to Presidents and Directors of over 20 Catholic Universities in United States and we have to say that no answer has been given till today, not one, and you have to know the only thing we ask for was to make known the existence of our Foundation to their own community. No money, just a communication but apparently it was already to much to help the poorest of the poorest. What a fine example of "Brotherhood" spirit or "Christian" concern, what fine example of "ignorance" and "selfishness". Here, I rely just on your conscience.   Patrick Adam de Villiers

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One Life, One Community, One Nation at a Time.

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