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Dear friends ! NOVEMBER 1, 2017 All Saints Day in Akamasoa. Once again we filled our Cathedral with thousands of children, young people and adults, who came very early this morning to celebrate the Eucharist, the thanksgiving of a whole people who feels happy to be saved! We have felt and even we can say, we have touched, the holiness of God in us and around us. The holiness of God was present in an extraordinary way in this people gathered in his name. There was great joy and we felt a happiness to be indescribable together in this historic place for the people of Akamasoa. It is a privilege of the Feast of All Saints to feel so close the holiness of God and the holiness that was poured out and offered free to every human being, who is image and likeness of God when he is in the movement of the Holy Spirit, who is the Love who unites the Father and the Son. I assure you that it is not easy to face this crowd and to animate and find simple words and actions that can reach the hearts of people. So we feel a strong presence of God that helps us. And at that moment, we can only rejoice and be happy with all the brothers and sisters present. The prayer with all the Saints does not make us forget the responsibility we have to defend the poorest who live forgotten and abandoned by the authorities. It is in everyday life that we must express our desire and our good will to be an image of God especially when we fight against the injustice, the corruption and the lie which gangrene the true development. We prayed for all those who are elected and responsible for society and country to be converted and live in the truth and in the service of the people who elected them. Once we pass on this Earth, so much to enjoy doing good. The Eucharist celebrated in this place that we call the Cathedral, since done by the hands of our workers and workers, was of great beauty, we are proud to pray there, where so many fathers and mothers of families must work hard in the heat and in the cold to win the rice each day. Then we went to the cemetery to pray for all our deceased and bless the graves. We believe in Life and Love that have no end!   Fra. Pedro Opeka

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