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FROM NOW ON  "THE  112" URGENT Project : SAVE THE 112 Families DENIED JUSTICE in Ampasika village, Madagascar. In AMPASIKA village, a population of 112 families was peacefully living on their land for more than 40 years. They established their lives and built they homes freely. On April 12th 2013, the entire police force, armed with guns, accompanied a court officer to deliver a “court order”, forcing them to leave instantly their homes; the villagers were all threated by the police itself! The court was asked to deliver an order based on the sole testimony of a foreign investor who declares he legally bought 75 hectares of this land.


No hearing, no possibility for these families to defend themselves in court, no prior notification, no reasonable time and above all the identity of this so called “investor” was even undisclosed! The basic human rights of these 112 families, representing more than 500 people, women and children have been clearly violated:
  • No information was believed on the sale of their land
  • No information on the existences of a legal procedure
  • No opportunity to address their statement to the court
  • No warning was given to them prior to the “armed eviction” they were a victim of
  • No prior notification for “reasonable time to leave” was delivered

These families have been denied:

  • The right to express themselves in a legal procedure
  • The right to defend their property
  • The right to recognition of their continuous establishment on a land
  • The right to keep their homes
  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect


No emergency plan was put in place, neither by the pretended “investor”, the government authority nor the justice system itself! What can we do in a justice system that is clearly obscure, easily “influenced” by greed or simply bought! Is it that the poor don’t deserve a fair justice? That the poor don’t deserve to be heard, treated with dignity, as human beings? Where are they supposed to go? Father Pedro urges us to react, take action and find solutions for these families.


Generate donations in order to buy back this land: 30,000$ per family. That is all they need to keep their homes, their lives, their integrity. We may also create a new village on this land

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Contact us at info@madagascar-america-foundation.org SPREAD THE WORD time is counted Twitte - ReTwitte & share  at   @maf_Charity For more details on the event go to "BLOG" on the top of the page Project and Action  in progress...

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