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Dear friends,   I am very dismayed and I am left with no way this morning when I woke up in Saint Gilles les Bains in Reunion where I'm on tour.   I hear in the media the attacks perpetrated in Paris with more than a hundred dead and as many wounded!   THERE is no word to describe this barbarism and bloodshed of innocent people killed by terrorists!   Know that we are ever near you, friends, brothers and sisters of France in this dramatic moment to live and bear it!
Paris is the world capital, La France is the country of freedom and human rights! Everything that happens in France we also touch!   We support you with our prayers for all those who lost their lives in these attacks! We are convinced of the fighting force of the people of France to stand up stronger and more united from this despicable and senseless attack!   The fanatics and fundamentalists will not succeed in scaring and will never win!   Love, freedom, justice, brotherhood is stronger than violence and crimes of people filled with hate indoctrination of another age and unscrupulous!   Know dear friends of France that we support with all our mind, our deepest feelings and prayers!   In this pain that has no name, we are with you and we suffer with you!   On behalf of the whole People of Akamasoa; Strength and Courage!   Father Pedro

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